Waterproof Drone Jammer 1500 Meters UAV Jamming

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Product Description

—–Portable UAV/Drone Signal Jamming System—–

The portable UAV/drone signal jammer is our company's latest product designed by R&D department, against the widespread use of UAVs nowadays. It disables the targeted UAV by jamming the UAV's remote-control signal and GPS signal, so as to force the UAV to fall or return. The jamming distance reaches more than 1500 meters.

 Effective interference with UAV's Remote-Control Signal 2400MHz, GPS signal 1500MHz, Remote-Control Signal and Image Transmission Signal 5800MHz.
 1.Outdoor waterproof case with protection level of IP55
2.UHF broadband jamming technology: highly effective power & long jamming distance
3.Separate control of each module, convenient operation.
4.High quality tubular radiator, effective in radiating heat.
5.Import components; the moderating circuit-starting design avoids a spark when the device turns     on/off.
High integration & Stable operation.
6.Batteries are separate from the main device, easy to be replaced and maintained.
 Mainly applied to prisons, airports, scientific research centers, detention houses,
interrogation rooms, courthouses, labor camp, all kinds of military important places, etc.
that forbid aerial photography by use of UAVs

Picture: Jammer installation in the prison
—–Monitoring System—–
Our company develops a centralized monitoring system, which can monitor all the devices together by connection to the Internet.
The network topology is as follow:

—–Technical parameters—–


working frequency

Output power(±1dBm)


2.4G flight control

47 dBm


47 dBm


47 dBm



47 dBm

Build-in battery:24V15A(continue working 4 hour)
jamming radius is 1000 ~ 1500meters

Power consumption :480W
Main engine weight :12Kg                  main engine size(long×wide×high):320×200×460mm

humidity: 30%-95%                                  

running temperature : -10 to +50 degree centigrade

—–Monitoring Interface—–
Internet monitoring
When connecting the monitor server with public network, you can monitor all the online devices. You can login the monitoring system anywhere in the world, and have a real-time monitoring on the online devices of any area in the world.
Real-time monitoring
All the online devices' parameters and operating state will display on the interfaces of the system in real time, such as output power, working temperature, operation normal/abnormal, devices online/offline and so on.
Main Interface

Setup Interface
On the system interfaces, you are allowed to modify devices' working parameters as you need. For example, to increase or decrease the output power; to turn on/off signal output of all/some of the frequency bands-the setup will get a real-time response on the devices.

Real-Time Alarms
When any device has failure alarms (such as standing wave alert, less power alarm, over-temperature alarm, etc.), the monitoring system will mark it with an eye-catching red, and gives detailed alarm information, convenient for system administrator and engineering personnel to arrange maintenance work.

 Waterproof Drone Jammer 1500 Meters UAV Jamming

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