Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Camera

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Product Accessories

●  Tie camera         ● USB cable     ● Remote Control   

●  User manual CD    ● Charger

l          Picture & Buttons



Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Cameral         Technical Data

1)Functions: recording video and audio by Remote Control, USB drive

2)Video: AVI, 720*480 resolution  1280*960 resolution      640*480 resolution

3)Internal Memory: 2GB/4GB/8GB

4)USB: 2.0(Hs)

5)Charging time:4-5 hours

6)Battery use time: built-in Li battery, 1-2 hours

7)Operation systems: No need for driver installation if the operating system is Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ VISTA or above (windows98 is excepted)


Switch on

After opening zip of tie, push the power switch to “ON” position, the camera comes to power-saving mode.

Record video

1)Press the remote control key for several seconds, and the green light blinks,2 seconds then green light turn off, indicating that the camera is recording video and audio.

2) Press the remote control once again, it will save data and the green light blinks once and then turn off ,the video saved and the camera come to standby mode.                                           

Switch off

Under standby mode or power-saving mode, push the power to “OFF” position, the camera will turn off.

Attention: In order to save power, please turn off when you don’t use the product.


Under power off mode, connect the camera via USB with the charger, the green light of the charger will turn on. The green light turns off when it is fully charged.


After recoding, switch on the camera, at the standby mode, connect the camera to the computer via USB cable, then the files can be played in the computer. Before connecting please make sure the computer has been installed the related playing software.

 Setting Time

When using the device for the first time, you can set the time of video as follows:

The first line: [date]

The second line:2009/12/12

The third line:12:12:12

Create a new names “TAG” txt. File, then copy the file to the root of the disk of the camera. When starting the camera again next time, the time will be simultaneous as the time file.

Attention: Please keep power on when you set time; otherwise it will skip to the default time.


1)When the device is lack of battery when taking video, the system will save the video data first, then shut down automatically.

2)When taking video continually, the system will automatically generate a new video file after each operation.

3)As the device has built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, so it has a memory effect .We advise in the first 5 times of usage, charge the battery fully after the battery is out of use, so that the battery can work with its max working hours perfectly.

Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Camera

Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Camera

Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Camera

Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Camera

Spy camera Hidden Camera and Tie Camera

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