emp jammer fish game for fish table

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emp jammer fish game for fish table

Product introduction:

The power supply voltage: 36 v

Working voltage: 36 v

Working pattern: 360 MHZ frequency + pulse straight

Antenna pattern: built-in + strengthen external – removable

Instrument color: black

Size: 85 x50x21mm

Instrument power: 20 w

Power switch: double

Cooling modes: internal heat sink


1 gear 380 MHZ frequency signal

2 gear 3 hz + 360 MHZ mixed frequency pulse signal

3 gear 6 hz + 360 MHZ mixing pulse signal

4 gear 9 hz + 360 MHZ mixing pulse signal

5 gear 11 hz + 360 MHZ mixing pulse signal

6 gear 13 hz + 360 MHZ mixing pulse signal

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