Portable WIFI Jammer Cell Phone Blocker with GSM GPSL1

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Product Description

Are you looking for an efficient jammer with better functionality so that it can be more applicable to the variations of wireless signals gadget? This portable cell phone jammer with GSM GPSL1 Wifi is possibly what you have been looking for.

This phone jammer is a integrated units designed with functions to work for multiple bands: 2400-2500MHz Wifi, 925-960MHz GSM900, 1805-1880MHz GSM1800, as well as 1500-1600MHz GPSL1.It will disable almost all kinds of cell phone and GPS devices simultaneously with shielding range up to 15m, depending on the network condition provided by mobile service operator. With a built-in cooling fan and wind slot each sides, the device is capable of long time continuous working. On other hand, the signal blocker is also featured with user-friendly design of compact palm size and leather cover, which make it convenient and comfortable to carry for the benefits of users to carry out mobile applications.

In general, this power cell phone Wifi GPS blocker is highly accessible and applicable for situations in need of jamming service: home, classroom, exam location, hotel room, cinema, conference room etc. With the three-in-one solution, you won’t have to bother buying jamming device separately for each kind of bands.


  • Highly portable, Palm Sized, Easy to carry

  • Block cell phone bands, GPS bands simultaneously

  • Good cooling system with Wind slots in both sides and built-in fans design .Nonstop working

  • Leather cover to make the jammer more convenient to carry

  • 5-15M depending the mobile service provider's network condition

  • Frequency:
    WIFI: 2400 ~ 2500Mhz;
    GSM900: 925 ~ 960Mhz
    GSM1800: 1805 ~ 1880Mhz
    GPSL1: 1500-1600Mhz

  • Total output power: 2.0W

  • Shielding radius: up to 15 meters, (still determined by your background signal strength)

  • Color: Silvery

  • Device Dimension: 113(H) * 60 (L) * 30 (W) mm


  • Portable Jammer

  • AC adaptor

  • Car adaptor

  • Antenna*4

  • Carry Case

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