OBD diagnostic GPS Vehicle Tracker

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New OBD 2 GPS tracker No hassle for Wire. Plug and Track


OBD 2 gps tracker with diagnose 

Back-up battery 

shock alarm 

overspeed alarm 

diagnose data

OBD gps tracker main function

GSM quad-band frequency;

Real time tracking by SMS/GPRS;

Wide Voltage input:9V-50V

Set SOS and center number

Remote Reset

Back-up battery(option)

Auto know the APN

About Alert: 

Cut off power alert(option)

Low battery alert

Vibration alert

Overspeed alert

Fence alert

OBD gps tracker diagnose function:

the TK207 OBD gps interface meet the J1962 requirment,can directly install the car obd interface,TK207 will work via GPRS send the data to platform for real time check

It supports all OBD-II protocols 0.Automatic

1) SAE_ J1850_VPW

2) SAE_J1850_PWM

3) ISO_15765_STD_500

4) ISO_15765_EXT_500

5) ISO_15765_STD_250

6) ISO_15765_EXT_250

7) ISO_9141_08_Init

8) ISO_9141_94_Init

9) ISO_14230_Slow_Init

10) ISO_14230_Fast_Init

Real time check OBD data in platform: 

Fuel measurement

fuel consumption 



engine status

Diagnostic Trouble Codes,etc

Notification of Vehicle fault nd maintenance notification

multi power-saving mode and so on……

OBD diagnostic GPS Vehicle Tracker

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