Mini Portable WIFI Signal Jammer With Builtin Antenna

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Product Description

With the popularity of Wifi wireless network, there is also a increasing demand on Wifi jamming to protect wireless network. Wifi jammer is used to disable Wifi devices within the jamming range. With the progress of signal blocking technology, jamming service gadget is also becoming more and more efficient and convenient. This mini portable Wifi signal jammer with built-in antenna is one of the best in the market.

This is a top hidden wireless signal jammer with antenna built inside that body. It can hardly be recognized as a jamming device if you don't take notice. By using super high frequency and mini power interference technology, the Wifi jammer works with high efficiency in blocking wide range of Wifi signals. The jamming range is up to 10m, depending on the signal strength given. With powerful rechargeable Li-battery and low consumption feature, the handheld jammer can be used in continuous jamming in a certain area. Moreover, the handling of the battery replacement is as easy as changing a cell phone battery.

The Wifi jammer is an unit of extreme portability, stability and efficiency. It can be applied in many occasions to interference operation of TX frequency 24002500MHz. The jammer is high applicable in office, conference room, car and etc. For individuals and institutions, the device would be the optimal choice portable jamming tools.


  • Tanking use of super-high frequency and mini-power interference technology, high efficiency

  • Effectively subsection making;  interfering downlink yet no interception on the base station

  • Extreme portability, the weight of the item itself is just 68g

  • Low power consumption, working time for machine is about 2 hours, supplied by battery

  • Slow start up design of circuit .These elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high integration

  • It doesn't Look like a normal jammer, it's top hidden

  • Internal antenna,and insulate per antenna make it working more efficiently

  • Battery can be replaced very easy, just the same as mobile phone

  • Can be charged by Nokia charger

  • High Quality Design,Low price

Technical Specifications

  • TX Frequency: 2400-2500MHz

  • Output Power: 0.5W

  • Power supply : Rechargeable Li-battery

  • Dimension : 90x50x15mm

  • Energy Consumption : 33dbm

  • Jamming Radius: Up to 10m (5-10M, depends on your background signal strength)

  • Color: Grey

  • All the parts warranty: 15 months


  • AC Charger

  • Car Charger

  • Battery

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