EAS Master Plus EAS Jammer

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This equipment is designed for safety system vulnerability testing

Work on NENG % of the system

Shielding attenuation of signal transmission equipment security tag/label and the east Asia summit reciver module will not receive the signal of security tags

Working power supply: 12 v lithium battery

Voltage range: 8.4 V to 8.4 V

[2.4 hours can continuous operation]

Job scope: 3.9 meters

Frequency range: 58 + 6.78 Mhz + 8.2-10 Khz 2 Mhz

Size: 85 x50x21 mm

Weight: 160 g

Color: white

Instruction: the LED indicator

Launch: frequency mixing to send more

EAS Master Plus EAS Jammer

EAS Master Plus EAS Jammer

EAS Master Plus EAS Jammer


Absolute novelty of category EAS Jammers. The first to bring to the world market, improved version of device – EAS Master Plus. This model is the advanced version of the previous model EAS Master. Unlike older models offer users more benefits and technical innovations like built-in rechargeable battery, lower weight, higher performance, easy use, as this model does not need to connect any antenna.

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