Dual Band Car Remote Control Jammer (270MHz/418MHz,50 meters)

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Product Description

This High Power Car Remote Control Jammer can effectively block signals of car and garage door remote controllers at 270MHz/418MHz within the effective blocking range of 50 meters. Considering the protection of the human beings, the radiation of the device is up to the national standard and quite low to do harmful effects.

With this jammer, you have no worry about someone will make troubles in your area by some remote cars or something like that, it can give back you the peace of mind and allows you to find the pure land in your heart.

Compact design and smart volume, we offer you the best product with the lowest price. Come here to find the best one for your beautiful time.


  • Frequency Jammed: 270MHz/418MHz (+/- 2MHz)

  • Power Supply: DC 9-12V

  • Operating Range: UP to 50 meters radius

  • Working current: 120mA

  • Dimension: 88*62*35mm

  • Color: Black


  • Car remote control jammer

  • Power adaptor

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