Drones Jamming-500W portable 1.2G 2.4G 5.8G GPS Jammers

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This is the biggest power Drines jamming device of the market at power 500W total

Output:500W can adjust the power
Coverage:Raduis 10~1000M(can adjustable)
Frequency bands:1.2G/2.4G/5.8G WIFI GPS All in one
24 hours 7 days continuously
1. High mobility and stability
2. Lightweight, total 35KG,easy to take
3. Jamming 5 bands at the same time. the total output reaches 500W
4. Standard configuration antenna : 8db panel directional antenna
5. Optional antenna:11db FPR antenna and 16db omni directional panel antenna
6. Built-in original Japan physical lithium polymer battery that can work 3 ~4 hours after full charge
7. Newly power supply technology can switch AC and DC automatically and freely
8. Humanization panel control to adjust each frequency band and power freely
9. standing-wave ratio (SWR) brainpower protection technology
10.Updated design conception and the best RF components to increase the work efficiency and reduce the heat utmost

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